Tips for Creating an Infographic

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 1.18.03 PMFor my public relations class I created a persuasive infographic. While designing it took dedication, the assignment was engaging and fun. I used Adobe InDesign, so I could be precise with the placement of objects and the color scheme.

Infographics are a great way to visually persuade an audience to take action. They should include relevant graphics and minimal words, so people can understand the point from the pictures. I want to share my tips with you in case you plan on diving into making an infographic of your own.

  • Make it meaningful: Choose a topic that means something to you. By doing this you will remain engaged, and all of the hours you invest in it won’t seem like wasted time.
  • Know your audience: If you have an idea of the target audience, you can sift through irrelevant statistics effortlessly. This will make your infographic more persuasive.
  • Choose an appropriate color scheme: An infographic needs to be visually pleasing to capture an audience. I used a blue color scheme because my infographic talked about stand up paddleboarding. I also pulled colors from my graphics to make the design flow.

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